OUT OF BOUNDS – Sex and the AFL


Steven Milne leads his St Kilda teammates in a recovery session, September 2008, Melbourne. © Stuart Mcevoy / Newspix / News Limited

When 17-year-old Kim Duthie told 60 Minutes last month that she had lied about being pregnant to a St Kilda footballer, it was as if she lifted a spell. Almost everyone from the mainstream media and radio breakfast shows to devotees of online footy forums, Twitter, blogs and YouTube had found themselves caught up in the teenager’s life since she became the subject of an investigation into St Kilda Football Club last year.

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A few things you shouldn’t say to a childless woman

Wendy Squires

Not all women can have babies or want to have them.Not all women can have babies or want to have babies. Photo: Kylie Pickett

There are two words for the woman who reached over the table, grabbed my hand and in a consolatory tone announced, ”It’s a tragedy you never got around to having children. It’s the most wonderful thing a woman can do.”

Those words are ”shut” and ”up” (the printable response) or, more charitably, ”think” and ”first”. Because it doesn’t take Freud to work out this statement was patronising, assumptive and just plain insensitive.

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Danny Brown Receives Oral Sex From Fan On Stage, Keeps Rapping

Fans attending rapper Danny Brown’s concert Friday night in Minneapolis got a bit more than they probably bargained for when a female fan appeared to give the musician oral sex while he was on stage.

Brown was playing the city’s Triple Rock Social Club as part of The Old & Reckless tour when he invited some female fans to get closer to him, according to AllHipHop. However, one fan took that offer far further as others looked on. This NSFW photo that various publications have been linking to should clarify what happened.

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How to fail and why it’s important (Marcus Westbury’s Deakin University occasional address)

Deakin Photo Small

I was asked to give a commencement address at Deakin University today. For various reasons (mainly because i’ve never actually finished Uni myself) it felt like kind of a big deal to me. What follows below is my notes of more or less what i said. I kind of winged it in person…

Deputy Chancellor Meehan, Vice‐Chancellor, Professor Jane den Hollander; academic staff, distinguished guests, graduates, family and friends.

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Mary Beard suffers ‘truly vile’ online abuse after Question Time

Mary Beard

Mary Beard: ‘The misogyny here is truly gobsmacking.’ Photograph: Eamonn McCabe

TV presenter and academic Mary Beard has said she has become the victim of a torrent of “truly vile” abuse online of the kind that would “put many women off appearing in public” following an appearance on BBC1’s Question Time.

Beard, professor of classics at Cambridge University, who recently presented the BBC2 programme Meet the Romans with Mary Beard, said that the abuse followed an exchange with an audience member on the panel show on Thursday about the effect of immigration on services in the Lincolnshire town of Boston.

The Question Time exchange – in which Beard cast doubt on some stories about strains on public services – has prompted an online backlash and introduced Beard to what she described in her blog for the Times Literary Supplement as “a side on internet trolling that I haven’t experienced before” and one that is “truly vile”. Continue reading